When Does Court-Ordered Child Support End?

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Court-ordered child support usually ends when the child:

  • turns 18 years of age and is not a full-time high school student or;
  • turns 19 years of age (child support ends at 19 or high school graduation);
  • gets married or joins the military;
  • the court ends the support order; or
  • dies before the age of 18;
    whichever occurs first.

Parents may agree to support a child longer than the minimum required. The court may also order that both parents continue to support a disabled adult child if that child cannot support him or herself.

To end child support:

Take the following documents to the Family Law Facilitator’s Office in your county:

  • proof of the child’s age and education,
  • the most current child support order, and
  • your last two months’ pay stubs.

Ask your local Family Law Facilitator if you need to file a motion. Opens new window  (Some courts require a motion and some will allow you to end child support without filing a motion.)

  • For help finding the Facilitator in your county, click here. Opens new window
  • For the Family Law Facilitator in Contra Costa County, California, click here.

Note 1:  If there is any past support owed
, or if there are any other children under the age of 18 from the relationship, you may need to file a Notice of Motion (see section on Modifications) to get a court hearing to change your child support order.

Note 2:  If there is a wage assignment, the Family Law Facilitator can give you the information you need to stop it.

Note 3:  If one of the parents is paying spousal support to the other when child support ends, either parent may ask the court to change the spousal support - IF they do this within 6 months of the end of child support.



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